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Why not transfer molding machine mold? How to do? German Machinery Group tell you

2013/9/17      view:
Injection molding machine is to use thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic mold material into various shapes of plastic products is the main molding equipment! Is added for the machinery industry better efficiency and results!
Then, injection molding machine can not transfer mode, how to do? What is the reason?
       1, the mechanical level and parallelism tolerance. Square checked with a spirit level. Adjust and level of parallelism.
       2, burning nuts: Check whether the nut can be turned hot iron out. Replace nuts.
       3, the upper and lower support plate adjustments. Demolition expenses plate locknut checks. Adjust adjusting nuts.
       4, transfer mode valve stuck. Remove the valve inspection. Purge valves.
       5, the transfer mode motor bad: Check the motor oil. Replace or repair motor oil.
       6, plate and mold adjusting nut gap is too small. With a feeler. Platen gap adjustment nut, nut and platen gap adjustment mode (gap ≤ 0.05mm).
       7, I / O board is bad. Page on the computer checks whether the signal output point. Maintenance of electronic boards.
When using the injection molding machine will encounter many problems! So when the injection molding machine in the procurement should carefully choose!
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