Horizontal injection molding machine

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  • Brand:    Tak Kwan
  • Type:    DO-500T
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Dongguan Tak Kwan Machinery Factory is committed to the development of various types of injection molding machines, specializing in injection molding machine (horizontal injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine, all-electric injection molding machines, all-electric injection molding machines, injection molding machine energy saving, rapid prototyping machines, plastic molding machines, high-speed precision molding machines, large two-platen injection molding machine) research, development, manufacturing and sales, with the company's strong technical strength and economic strength, and constantly develop the international advanced technology
Surgical level of new products. Our products are widely used in CNC machines, machining centers, production lines, machine tools, forging, textiles, plastics, and other sectors of machinery and equipment!
Select the professional choice for professional injection molding machine machinery factory in Dongguan Tak Kwan!


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