Horizontal injection molding machine

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Horizontal injection molding machine Note:
1, the device of the screw in the processing of raw materials, they must meet the characteristics of pipe fittings Compound;
2, during the molding process, it must be precise temperature control of raw materials, so that a more uniform temperature, the temperature of the plastic molding is a very big impact;
3, according to the tube when processing raw materials used in all kinds of special features in the injection molding machine, sol, injection and clamping and other operations, they must have the right intensity and speed, but also to accurately surprise
Wake control, adjust them more convenient.
4, to the injection molding machine which is ready to use when the production of various types of assistive devices and auxiliary interfaces, for example, is desiccant power connector, manifold and so on.
5, but also to install energy-saving devices, reducing the time consumed in the production of energy, reduce costs and achieve energy saving purposes.
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